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Peter – Ceramic Totem Sculpture


This decorative Totem is made up of 2 porcelain hand made and hand painted stackable pieces. They sit on a black stand, made from 3D printed plastic. This guy has no real functional purpose other than to look cute on a shelf and make you smile.

Peter here, has a spot gloss glaze on his face and a glossy green glaze on his body to go with his hand painted top in a jade pattern of lines and dots . He is approx 140mm tall which includes the stand.

These totems weren't actually designed for kids and although kids would love them, they are a little too breakable to be played with and work best on a shelf where they are not easily knocked over.

As all of my ceramic pieces are hand made, there may be slight imperfections in the forms and in the glazes. This adds to the character of the piece and makes it unique.

This listing is for the item shown in the first 3 pictures.

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